Child Cognition Lab

Child Playing
Junior Scientists Needed!

Our projects investigate what children know about the world around them, how they learn new information, and how they use that information in new situations. We are interested in factors that help children acquire new knowledge and factors that might impede this process. Your child’s participation in the study will last for 15-30 minutes.

Our studies explore children’s causal learning and cognitive development.
We investigate children’s learning in a variety of contexts including children’s understanding of physical causation (e.g., what makes a toy activate) and social/psychological causation (e.g., why people behave in certain ways). Our research takes the form of short, interactive games that are designed to be fun and engaging to young children.

After playing a game, watching a short movie, or reading a storybook together, we will ask your child some questions or do an activity with your child that requires them to think about what they learned earlier. We record children’s explanations, actions on toys, and the choices they make to learn more about their understanding of the world. With your consent, your child will be videotaped during the study.


Interested in participating?
If you are interested in participating in one of our studies or would like to know more about our research, please feel free to email us at, call or leave a voicemail at (416) 946-3981.