Canine Cognition Lab

How does your dog learnOur Canine Cognition Lab explores dogs’ learning and reasoning abilities. We investigate dog’s learning in a variety of contexts including dogs’ physical problem solving abilities (e.g., how to get a treat out of a puzzle) and their understanding of social information (e.g., following a pointing gesture or learning from a demonstration). Our research takes the form of short, interactive games that are designed to be fun and engaging to dogs. We record dogs’ actions when interacting with people, toys and puzzles, and the choices they make, to learn more about their understanding of the world. With your consent, your dog will be videotaped during the study. The session will last for 30-120 minutes. Our findings help us understand how our canine companions minds work, which can also help us to improve programs for dogs who are trained to help humans.


To be eligible to participate your dog must be:

  • Up to date on rabies vaccinations.
  • Generally healthy at the time of participation.
  • Must not have a record of aggression towards humans.

Interested in participating?
If you are interested in participating in one of our studies or would like to know more about our research, please feel free to email us at or call (416) 946-3981.